Please read this medium article carefully to understand what`s coming to $COLLIE

What`s happening to $COLLIE

After 2 weeks of silence the plans for the $COLLIE future will be revealed within the next paragraphs.

First of all $COLLIE will join the world of #NFTs. …


At the beginning of 20th April 2021 the $COLLIE-token website has launched after few minor problems with 3rd party-services were resolved.

Check out our website:

4/20 $COLLIE Airdrop campaign

To celebrate the #Dogeday we have organized/are organizing a special airdrop event. 42 lucky people will receive 420 million $COLLIE-tokens each. …

It`s time for a short recap of the $COLLIE token launch and what happened since then. At the end there will also be a few hints what is about to happen in the near future.

The Initial Token Launch

Initially $COLLIE was launched on uniswap with very low liquidity added to it. There was…

Collie Token

$COLLIE - A family of collie lovers!

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