$COLLIE | The Big Future Update

Please read this medium article carefully to understand what`s coming to $COLLIE

What`s happening to $COLLIE

After 2 weeks of silence the plans for the $COLLIE future will be revealed within the next paragraphs.

First of all $COLLIE will join the world of #NFTs.
More updates regarding the COLLIE-NFT world will be released on a later date, but very soon.

Secondly, the NFTs as well as the whole COLLIE branding will be changed and designed by a professional graphic artist and you`ll be able to see the first changes within a few days starting off with the logo… and you`ll love the artists work.

Furthermore, we decided to support ERC-20 COLLIE as well as BEP-20 COLLIE in the future and will also introduce the possibility to swap between the ETH/BSC chains.

Multiple charity events will start to kick off as well within the next weeks, most of them still online because of the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

You`ll also be able to stake your $COLLIE tokens and your COLLIE/ETH or COLLIE/BNB tokens to earn rewards. Read more about it below.

We proudly introduce you $CDOGS | Crypto Dogs

$CDOGS is a newly invented project idea with a focus on all CryptoDog communities. It`s not only a fan token representing the interest in dog related tokens overall but will also offer multiple benefits to every holder of any DOG token no matter if it`s $SHIB, $AKITA, $HUSKY or any other community token.
$CDOGS will have a small presale for liquidity.

Special $COLLIE benefits.
- $COLLIE will be the first token which will be granted access to the farming/staking feature.
- There will be a small presale with a percentage of the raised funds being used for a $COLLIE buyback/burn.

Join the $CDOGS telegram and spread the word.
Telegram: https://t.me/cdogs

$COLLIE - A family of collie lovers!